Vitamins That Help You Fight Your Battle Against Aging

The doctor said to my wife recently “the fifties are the new thirties, the seventies are the new fifties.” The question begs, is it true? I personally find two realities. Most people I talk to outside my natural health world say they do not feel the way they use to. I hear comments like “boy do I feel my age.” As we age, most of us will begin to experience some of the aches and pains of aging along with decreased sex drive and declining energy, but do we have to?

In my world I also talk with people everyday who say things like “I feel better today than I did twenty years ago.” These people have learned some secrets along the way and they are proactively living, pressing into a new reality. Somewhere along the way best keto supplements — best keto pills 2020 someone or something has directed them to good information. I hope this article can be the start of something really exciting and new for some of you.

This is a scientific fact. In most cases it is possible to reverse cellular aging and experience a new reality. Here are a couple of real world stories that illustrate my point.

Real World Success Stories

One case was a couple who were in their 70’s and pretty much bed ridden. After improving their micro-nutrient profile within six months they were back playing competitive tennis. Another example is a telephone call I got one day. This lady starts the conversation off by saying “what the hell is going on.” I had no clue where she was going. She had read one of my articles about a vitamin plan I developed called the “Daily Protocol.” She proceeded to implement the plan and she got results quicker than most. It shocked her because for years she had tried about everything. This is the scary part. She had not felt good enough to clean house or make breakfast for her family in over ten years. Her doctors had tried everything from anti-depressants, anxiety medications, and sleeping pills. Nothing worked. After less than two weeks following my suggestions she started cleaning house, making breakfast, car pooling, and living again.

Sub-Clinical Deficiencies

Increasingly scientists are studying a condition called “sub clinical deficiency.” You do not feel good. You wish you felt the way you use to. Yet, the doctor says nothing is wrong with you; however, you know differently. Increasingly anti-depressants, sleeping pills, and anxiety medicines are prescribed. Sometimes they are needed when the prognosis is undeniable but as a alternative to not feeling good, there has to be a better way, and there is.

Scientists believe “sub-clinical deficiency” might explain why some of us just do not feel the way we use to. At the cellular level your body is starving for good nutrients that are required to optimize body functions and systems. There all multiple reasons why this may be happening from you have lost enzyme activity to leaky gut syndrome to your food choice is poor. Sometimes it could be other conditions blocking good nutrition. The good news is you can find out if you suffer from “sub-clinical deficiency” by implementing an optimum supplement plan. If in 30-60 days you feel different (normal) then you know where to keep focusing. In my experience this works more often than not.

Micro-Nutrient Absorption Declines with Age

As we age our ability to absorb the critical nutrients in foods also declines. If you compound this issue with foods that are declining in their nutritional values, no matter how well you eat, you are forced to supplement if you want to feel your best. Older individuals often get hung up on what I call anti aging supplements like glucosamine for joint pain but fail miserably at laying a foundation that can offset declining values in nutrition. Not only will the new generation of supplements offset declining values in nutrition, they actually offer increased bio-active ingredients that have the ability to power up your mitochondria and reverse cellular aging.

Last but not least, senior are the victim of modern day advertising and the number one vitamin they take is Centrum and other one-a-day multivitamins. These vitamins have very poor absorption rates and do nothing more than help one meet the Recommended Daily Allowance when in reality they need the Optimum Daily Allowance which includes not just vitamins and minerals but a comprehensive array of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, glyconutrients, phytonutrients, certain herbs, adaptogens, and omega 3s. Every ten years of age after age 40 requires you take your nutritional profile more serious if you want to increase your odds of avoiding chronic diseases and having a high quality of life.

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