Bubble Mailers Review

Bubble Mailers offer air bubble protection in a strong puncture resistant mailing bag. They provide a cost effective way to protect your merchandise against damage. They represent a very cost effective way of securing your merchandise against damage, during shipment. Another advantage associated with the use of bubble mailers is that they require less postage than boxes.

The bubble wrap was invented by two engineers – Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes, back in 1957. Just like many other discoveries, this one also happened by accident, when to two scientists were trying to create a textured plastic wallpaper. Three years later Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes went on to patent their invention and created the Sealed Air Corporation. Now Sealed Air is retaining its leading position with its latest innovations. One of which is the barrier layer offered only by Sealed Air.

Bubble Wrap┬« protective packaging employs a “barrier layer” which retains air…providing superior, longer lasting protection over other brands. The motto here is “The difference is in the mang xop hoi barrier!” Sealed Air Barrier Bubble technology provides: superior cushioning;higher initial thickness and fullness; Longer Lasting Protection; air retention layer maintains consistent cushioning throughout the shipping cycle; Reduced Packaging Costs – less material required for better protection

There are certain hints and tricks on using bubble mailers. When you are using any form of bubble wrapped material, for its cushioning functions, make sure you have enough wrap on all sides, so that all sides and corners are completely protected. Also, when you are placing this whole wrapped up item into a box, avoid having any empty space within the box to eliminate movement of the packaged item when you shake the box. Therefore, when you have it all set and ready and the box closed, shake it, if the product is moving – that’s not good, add some more packaging material to fill in the gaps.

A very valuable function of bubble mailers is that they are anti-static, which makes them really useful for carrying electronic components. But remember, not all bubble mailers have this capability, these are the so called anti-static bubble wraps. Anti-static bubble wraps are made from a special blend of plastic that provides protection for electronic components that may be damaged from static discharge.

Bubble mailers are often called Bubble Envelopes, because they are actually an envelope with bubble layer ont the inside, making it also waterproof, and also provides some degree of protection against physical damage when shipped. There are some self-sealed bubble mailers which have a self-adhesive flap allowing for quick and easy sealing.


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